Moncarapacho market is held on the first Sunday of every month, very close to the town centre. It’s a large gathering of market stalls, fruit & veg, fish, clothes and everything else you’d expect to find. People come from far and wide to see what’s on offer, and it’s also a great place to meet up with friends over a bite to eat...


Moncarapacho town is easy to find, and you won’t have any difficulty finding the market. On market day, the roads will be unusually busy with parked cars, and people walking to the market, so if you’re coming by car, it’ll be a case of park where you can ! If you click on the last picture below, we have labelled a map showing you the roads into Moncarapacho, and highlighting exactly where the market is located.


Enough said... Enjoy the photos...

The Moncarapacho market in the Eastern Algarve

It’s a beautiful morning at the Moncarapacho market - 2nd December 2012

views of Moncarapacho market in the Algarve

Moncarapacho market in the Eastern Algarve, Portugal

So remember, the first Sunday of every month is the market day in Moncarapacho...

roasted chestnuts outside the market

The roasted chestnuts are almost ready...

roasted chestnuts for sale

... A traditional winter-warmer !

people walking into the market

People walking into the market

Lots of things to tempt you...

market stalls in Moncarapacho

Well why not... it is almost Christmas !

making music at the Christmas market

What colour were you looking for ?

bright coloured under garments
Moncarapacho Christmas fair at the market

Christmas fair at the market

There are several places to eat, drink, and socialise in the December sunshine

people eating at the market

Click map for Moncarapacho market location

Moncarapacho market location map
plants in the december Algarve sunshine

Even the plants are enjoying the Algarve sunshine...

Brightly coloured scarves...

scarves for sale at the market

Clothes a plenty...

clothes stall at the Moncarapacho market

Handbags galore...

handbags for sale

Colourful pottery for a colourful day !

colourful market stall

Ever played dominos ?

shoes as dominos

strolling around in all directions

market strolling in Moncarapacho

All sorts of bits and pieces

bits and pieces for sale
garlic and fish at the Moncarapacho market

A garlic and fish stall

under cover market stalls

Underwear... “under-cover”

a typical market stall

Busy doing, something...

choosing market stall clothes

I think I prefer this one...

moncarapacho market location map


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