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The sun may not have been shining, but when the mannequins came out on May Day in Portugal, they sure put a smile on everyone’s face. Regular as clockwork, every 1st of May, the locals dress up their mannequins to celebrate Labour Day, and these were just some on display along the N125, in the Alfandanga to Olhão area.


Enjoy the photo’s. It’s not too late to put a smile on your face...

Out come some new friends !

Make sure you’re in Portugal in May next year. Come and say “hello”...

Click the link if you’d like to see how they dressed up last May in Portugal.

lady sitting in may in portugal
fishing in the month of may
lady with bag in portugal
man waving in portugal
mannequin on chair
music whilst people eat in portugal
by post boxes in portugal
person with hat on in may
a fishing theme in portugal
early carobs in may in portugal
single man in may in portugal
single mannequin in may time portugal
roadside people in portugal
line of people in may in portugal
playing music in may in portugal
standing on the road side in may
may is a good time to build in portugal
man with hat on in portugal
people sitting and a cyclist in may
lady with red hat in may
mending nets in portugal
a couple sitting in may time in portugal
dog in portugal
sitting back after a meal in may
cook showing his frying pan
two people by the road in portugal
going on a trip in may in portugal

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