Cabanas beach in the Algarve

If you are driving to Cabanas, try to park on the easterly side of the town, so you don’t have so far to walk to the aqua taxis. Having said that, if you do find yourself on the western side of Cabanas, it is a nice walk along the promenade and you can take note of all the cafes lining the promenade for that nice cool drink after your return from cabanas beach...


To get to Cabanas beach, there is a small stretch of water that you need to cross, and the aqua taxis will do that for you. Cheaply, (less than a Euro), and quickly, (less than 2 minutes). There are two places to do this... A boat launching ramp and a little further along is a small pier. In peak season the taxis run all day, and at other times there should be a sign stating when they are running.


You can see a short video of the aqua taxi to Cabanas beach


After you have made the short crossing to Cabanas beach, there are sun umbrellas and beds for hire, or if you want to be in your own space, you can walk left or right along the beautiful sandy beach. Cabanas is another example of the many beautiful beaches in Portugal, so wherever you are holidaying in the Algarve, Cabanas beach is well worth a visit...


Enjoy Cabanas Beach !




How to get to Cabanas Beach in the Algarve

These photos were taken on the 6th of July 2011... still the same in 2016...

It’s easy to get to Cabanas beach... Make sure you visit when you holiday in the Algarve !

Your first view of Cabanas beach

...and the sun umbrellas to the right

View of the beach from the end of the walkway, looking left...

View of the beach walking left...

...and a little further along Cabanas beach

...and even in July, Cabanas beach could almost be your own !

After a swim you can look for shells... or maybe kite surf

shells on cabanas beach
plenty of space on Cabanas beach in portugal
kite surfing in the Algarve Portugal
further along cabanas beach
walking left along cabanas beach in portugal
sun umbrellas and beds on cabanas beach
sun umbrellas on cabanas beach
cabanas beach from the walkway

An aqua taxi at the boat ramp

Just leaving the shoreline of Cabanas

The landing stage up ahead

Two taxis at the landing stage, and the walkway to Cabanas beach

View of the town from the walkway

A typical aqua taxi at Cabanas

The walkway to the beach

aquat taxi to cabanas beach portugal
taxi leaves for cabanas beach
walkway to cabanas beach
taxis at the cabanas beach landing stage
close view of aqua taxi
cabanas town from the beach side
taxis at the cabanas beach landing stage

Cabanas beach in the Eastern Algarve Portugal


The Algarve’s Only Estate Agent

Broadcasting ‘Live’ from the Algarve






The Algarve’s Only Estate Agent

Broadcasting ‘Live’ from the Algarve






The Algarve’s Only Estate Agent

Broadcasting ‘Live’ from the Algarve