Cabeca hill near Moncarapacho town

Cerro da Cabeça - Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal

Fancy a walk with a view ?

Situated just 2.5 kilometres northeast of Moncarapacho, is ‘Cabeça’, a well known landmark in this part of the Eastern Algarve. The area has many caves of great archaeological interest, (not accessible now), and has some of the deepest holes in the area. The terrain is rugged and rocky, but from the parking area at the base of the hill, several pathways will lead into a common path. The pathway starts a little rough but gradually flattens out to eventually meet with large wide steps to the ‘Miradouro’.

Standing next to the Miradouro, (view point), is a Look Out tower built onto the rocks. A few more steps winding up around the tower gives you an even better view... And what a view it is.... We won’t spoil it for you, you’ll just have to see for yourselves....

For most, that will take about 10 to 15 minutes, but for the more experienced adventurer, another hour of climbing, (and it will require a lot of clambering over and between rocks, as there is no well defined pathway), you will reach the peak at 249 metres, (see the picture at the top of this page). Lower down, you might find a local walking their dog, but that’s probably the only person you’re likely to meet. So, like any ‘off the beaten track’ adventures, be sure to tell people where you are going; keep your bearings at all times; wear sensible footwear; take food and water; leave plenty of time; a sun umbrella (there is no shade), a phone, your camera..... And BE CAREFUL.   If you thought the view from the Look Out tower was good, try this for size !

car park for Cabeca, Moncarapacho

From the crossroads with traffic lights in Moncarapacho, take the junction heading east and within 20 metres, turn left heading north. Set your trip counter to zero. At 2.1 km, pull off the road into the parking area on your left. There are some houses on your left side, parking is to the right.

The Miradouro and Look Out tower. A gentle climb with plenty of steps to sit and catch your breath but well worth the effort !

Pathway up Cabeca, Moncarapacho
Miradouro and look out at Cabeca, Moncarapacho

The rugged pathway gradually becomes easier under foot.

Cerro da Cabeça in the Eastern Algarve Portugal


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