How to get to Barril beach

Barril beach in the Eastern Algarve Portugal

Barril beach is very easy  to find, and well worth a visit... or two. From the N125 main road, on the eastern outskirts of Luz de Tavira, you will see a large signpost, from where you turn off the N125. From this junction, you are less than 2 minutes away, driving south over a railway bridge, following the gently winding road down to Pedras d’el Rei. In next to no time, you will see the waterfront ahead of you and as you reach the bottom of the road, you have two choices. You can either park on the coastal road - as the road bends to the left in an easterly direction towards St Luzia, or you can park to the right, (westwards), in the large open parking space.


The alternative route to Barril beach, would be from Tavira, following signposts to St Luzia. Upon reaching St Luzia, you will eventually reach the same coastal road mentioned above, and as before, you can park on that road, or further along in the open parking space.


Now that you have parked, walk along the short track to the waters edge, where you will see the pontoon. The pontoon is a very sturdy affair, and everyone must at least walk this part to reach Barril beach. Having crossed this narrow channel of water, you now have two choices. You can walk all the way to the beach, an enjoyable walk and shouldn’t take much more than 10 minutes or so, or let the ‘train take the strain’. There are a couple of narrow guage trains which trundle back and forth all day, and depending on how hot it is, and how much you are carrying...the additional cost just might be worth it. The 2012 single fare to Barril beach cost Euros 1.20, and you can always treat yourself to just one way, if you wish...


At the end of the line, (and footpath), you will arrive at what was the fishing village, (for the fishermen and their families), but is now a collection of bars and eating places. There are also public conveniences on the east side of the buildings. As you make your way to the beach you will walk past a huge “Anchors’ Cemetery’ a fascinating collection of anchors lined up in the sand dune.... Just a few metres further, the fabulous Barril Beach...

How to get to Barril Beach in the Algarve.

Welcome to Barril beach...

Track to the pontoon at Pedras d'el Rei

The track to the pontoon

pontoon to Barril beach

The pontoon from Pedras d’el Rei. Look down, and you may see lots of fish !

The pontoon from the Barril beach side

From the other side, looking back towards Pedras d’el Rei

the little train going to Barril
Path and railway lead to Barril beach

You can walk alongside the railway track... Or take the train

St Luzia from the Barril railway

St Luzia a little further along the coastal road.

train at Barril station
cafes and bars at Barril

The ‘station’ at Barril beach

The bars and eating places

Anchor cemetery at Barril

Just a few of the many many anchors left in the sand dune

This is Barril Beach Algarve

Barril beach. Hire a Sunbed... or walk a little, and find a nice spot to lay your towel !

Barril beach car park westwards
Barril beach car park entrance
the Barril car park sign
parking charges for Barril beach

New for 2014, the large open space mentioned in the opening paragraph, has been surfaced and made into a large ‘proper’ car park.... and what a car park it is. Unfortunately, you now have to pay for parking and as at October 2014, this is the only car park for Barril beach. The early birds amongst you can still park for free along the coastal road, (towards St. Luzia), but spaces are limited compared to the 540 designated spaces that this car park provides.


When visiting Barril beach, the parking charge is 60c for the first hour and 80c per hour thereafter. There is no overnight charge and the first 15 minutes is free - presumably to give you time to find a space... for this is a very large car park !

Looking eastwards towards the Barril car park entrance

Looking westwards in Barril Car Park

The car park sign near Barril beach

The charges to use the car park for Barril beach


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