cacela velha in February in the algarve, portugal

Cacela Velha in the Eastern Algarve Portugal

It’s Saturday lunchtime, the 5th of February... The Algarve


What can you do on a typical February lunchtime ?


Well, if you’re in the Eastern Algarve you can pay a visit to Cacela Velha, the little village perched overlooking the lagoon and the sea. Take a stroll around the village, wander down the steps to the water’s edge, or sit and soak up the February sunshine...


Or... On the south coast of England, sit in traffic on Worthing’s seafront....with your lights on !

Cacela Velha sunbathing on 5th february
Cacela Velha steps on 5th february
Cacela Velha on 5th february
Cacelha Velha view on 5th february

What were you doing at the weekend ?

Cacela Velha church on 5th february
Worthing seafront on 5th february

The church at Cacela Velha

Soaking up the sunshine

Perched high

Steps to the shore-line

Views to the lagoon and sea

The south coast of England...say no more !


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